American Outlaws Ruled in Columbus

March to the Match

March to the Match by Jason Fauss

Via ESPN FC – American Outlaws ruled in colorful, loud Columbus
I’d vote for Alexi Lalas for American soccer president. You would too if you were in Columbus on Monday night to see the ESPN analyst and former U.S. international give a brief but impassioned speech about American soccer’s growth to a collection of fanatical supporters gathered at a bar that’s more used to hosting fans of college football teams than soccer.

Lalas’s audience was the American Outlaws, but you probably already knew that. Rowdy and unapologetic, the Outlaws are the foremost proselytizers of the U.S. national soccer teams across the country. For the Outlaws, the U.S. men’s once-a-World Cup qualifying-cycle visit to Columbus to take on Mexico is a massive blowout, a chance to bring the full power of a grassroots movement-gone-mainstream to the biggest game of the year. Read more at

The Rise and Rise of the American Outlaws

Steve Clare of the North American Soccer Reporters tells the story of Supporters Group in the US with an emphasis on the development of the American Outlaws and it’s impact on bringing US fans into the stadiums.

However, there was one team where this movement remained largely stagnant and where the home team was still regularly outsupported and outsung at home games. That side was the US Mens National Team.

Until recently that is.

On September 10 in Columbus there will be 9000 organized United States fans, easily trumping whatever the previous record was if it had ever been measured. The main water carriers of this ‘rushing revolution’ are a group called the American Outlaws, a Supporters Group dedicated to cheering on the US National Team.

There’s a lot to read and enjoy, check it out at the Huffington Post.